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Aug 17,  · Full musical keyboard - Nokia XpressMusic Organizer and apps. The time-management skills of Nokia , like most other Symbian handsets, are really good. Just name the application and you can bet the handset has it. English comes pre-installed but you can also download dozens of other languages for free from the Nokia Mohan's. Free Nokia XpressMusic apps download. As rapidly as we receive a Nokia check example, we will issue a picture balcony with high resolution movies, pursueed by an extensive Nokia XpressMusic review. Downloadable mobile software for Nokia XpressMusic. The mobilephone is the earliest music optimized phone to present a complete. Nokia XpressMusic specification, features & photos. Nokia XpressMusic free downloads including Nokia XpressMusic ringtones, free XpressMusic games, apps, themes, videos, wallpapers and more.

latest mobiles: Full musical keyboard - Nokia XpressMusic

Whether you need a smartphone for the knack or for the fun of it, this all-in-one messenger promises a bit of everything: music, web, gaming and connectivity.

XpressMusic has long crossed the smartphone line but only just starting to take multitasking so seriously. Nokia XpressMusic official photos. Alright, nokia 5730 apps free, it may not be as simple as that but the is only just some corporate email and plenty of steel short of Eseries excellence.

The complete keyboard, elaborate organizer, nokia 5730 apps free office package and GPS are enough to start talking business. Nokia XpressMusic live shots. Well, even if the dedicated gaming buttons and the digital-style alphanumeric font used on the keys leave little doubt about the target audience demographics, the Nokia XpressMusic looks too big for its niche.

Be you young in nokia 5730 apps free or spirit, you are welcome to stick around. Back with unboxing right after the jump. Decent retail box The Nokia XpressMusic is reasonably equipped considering the price tag. The retail package. The supplied handsfree is one piece, which means you cannot use the music-enhanced remote with another headset. Alternative headphones are of course an option given the 3.

The supplied headset seems better than standard though the white earbuds hardly match their overall style. By the way the same headset is supplied wth Nokia XpresssMusic as well. The is surprisingly only 4 grams lighter than the steel-covered Nokia E75 but the important thing is the phone handles very nicely.

The XpressMusic build has its issues. It has the same font styling as the alphanumeric one and its handling is comfortable and secure. The ambient light sensor and the video-call camera are at the top of the front panel of the Nokia XpressMusic, either side of the earpiece.

Between the screen and the earpiece is a rocker nokia 5730 apps free — those are the two gaming buttons. Below them is the 2. It has a programmable LED in the center that can be set to indicate missed events or simply serve as a standby breathing light. Ambient light sensor, video-call camera, nokia 5730 apps free, N-Gage button and the earpiece.

There are six system keys around the D-pad, including the usual Nokia foursome - Call and End keys and two soft-keys. The End key also doubles as a power switch. The other two knobs are menu and backspace. The problem of the soft keys and the call controls is — quite surprisingly — the great D-pad.

But it does make the completely flat and deep-set soft keys harder to press right. The buttons bordering on the D-pad must be pushed precisely nokia 5730 apps free the center or otherways they nokia 5730 apps free won't work.

Press feedback is quite poor and every now and then you might need to push again and again to get a response. The Menu and Clear keys are slightly raised and sufficiently apart from the D-pad, hence a lot more comfortable. On the left side of the screen are the standard music player controls, typical of the XpressMusic lineup.

They are thin, with overall adequate press and friendly white backlighting. The problem is there plastic coating looks and feels quite frail. They're both covered with plastic lids to avoid getting filled with dust. Just like on the XpressMusic, it's quite hard to pull the microSD card out using your fingers only since the card sinks too deep into the slot and is very difficult to reach. We guess you'd need a pointed tool every time you want to take it out. The Nokia XpressMusic left: connectivity and storage.

The bottom is where the lanyard eyelet and the standard charger port are. Next to the DC port is the mic, right at the very edge, nokia 5730 apps free. The charging port is at the bottom right next to the mouthpiece. The right side of the features two controls — the volume rocker and the shutter key. While it has full functionality, including half-press for autofocus and camera launch, it is small and poorly designed. While half-press is nokia 5730 apps free distinct and comfortable, full press is not always adequate on the tiny wobbly knob.

The right side packs the volume rocker and the camera key. The only thing to note at the top is the 3. It's nokia 5730 apps free sealed for protection but is comfortably placed. The 3. We do appreciate the completely fingerprint-proof and stylish opaque plastic. There we find the 3 megapixel camera lens and the smallish LED flash. The back cover and the camera lens.

Removing the battery cover is a tough job: you need to poke a nail or a thin pointed object and push up. We were surprised to find no actual loudspeaker grills on the casing of the XpressMusic.

The mAh battery, the SIM bed and the loudspeaker. The mAh battery needed recharging every other day during our tests, nokia 5730 apps free, extensive use of Wi-Fi and GPS on top of a few calls a day obviously taking its toll. In terms of design, the Nokia XpressMusic is hardly a revelation, nokia 5730 apps free.

The styling is obviously taking after the and of course the Nokia music lineup is keen on keeping things simple. The Nokia XpressMusic in hand. Screen estate is another major point in favor. The Nokia XpressMusic has a nice 2. In direct sunlight, even if the colors get washed out, nokia 5730 apps free, the display remains perfectly readable even on the brightest of days.

The display has very decent picture quality. Brightness levels are good and contrast is pretty decent. In terms of size, nokia 5730 apps free, the 2. The alphanumeric keypad of the Nokia XpressMusic is hardly a stunning nokia 5730 apps free but does an OK job. Tactility is adequate and for the most part the keys have nice and solid press.

Our only grudge is the lowest row of keys is somewhat limited by the ornamental front frame — and obviously less comfortable to handle. The keypad is decent overall.

The layout is also well thought out, with the stop, the comma and the symbol each having a dedicated key. Text selection for cut, copy and paste is extra smooth.

You just need to hold down the Shift key and move the cursor with the D-pad. The handset is extremely well balanced for a solid hand feel and the QWERTY keyboard will let you take full advantage of the messaging and office document support on the XpressMusic. Once you slide the phone open, you are in for very comfortable typing and there are very few handsets to rival it.

A nice touch to the is the vast number of customizable options for the slider action. You can pick an application to launch upon sliding the keyboard out and you can set it to return to homescreen upon closing. The Nokia runs on the Symbian 9. It has Feature Pack 2 but there nokia 5730 apps free been changes since its previous incarnations. The biggest and best change is the Contacts bar option for the standby screen which we also saw while reviewing the XpressMusic.

It is similar to the typical Active standby screen but things have been reordered and as the name suggests - a bar nokia 5730 apps free contacts has been added at the top. Each contact is represented by the contact photo and their first name - and it's possible to have three contacts visible at a time though the list allows for scrolling left or right. For each contact you can add an RSS feed, so we guess a nice trick is to add a contact that isn't a person just so that you'll have quick access to your favorite feeds from the homescreen.

Selecting a contact from the Contact bar brings up a screen with info on the contact a different one than you get if you select the contact from the Contacts list. It has the contact photo, name and phone number. Under that are four buttons - call, send message, update nokia 5730 apps free and settings. Nokia 5730 apps free that is an area that shows the communications history for that contact - both calls and messages.

And finally, at the bottom there are the top two lines from the RSS feed, nokia 5730 apps free. Under the Contacts list, it's pretty much standard Active Standby. First up is info on the email account showing the number of unread messages and sender nokia 5730 apps free Re: fields of the most recent message.

Under it is the status and number of friends online for Ovi Contacts, nokia 5730 apps free, which gets replaced by song info if the music player is running. At the bottom is the shortcuts tab. The old Active Standby layouts are still here and include Basic - you can assign shortcuts to the D-pad, Horizontal icons bar - the old Active Standby and, finally, the Vertical icons bar, which has only tabs shortcuts, calendar, music player and personalization but doesn't hide much of the wallpaper.

The last theme variety is the Talking theme which cane be quite useful at times. Only if the voice wasn't sounding that robot-like. Finally, the S60 UI Feature Pack 2 brings some graphical improvements as well, such as animations when browsing the menus. The task manager has also received a face-lift and now appears on every pop-up menu. It's actually placed on top of every list, which can be a little irritating at times. Alternatively, you can still use the well-known shortcut of pressing and holding the menu key to bring up the task manager.

In Symbian terms MB is virtually impossible to deplete even with several applications running in the background.

You shouldn't expect any memory full warnings on your Nokia XpressMusic, nokia 5730 apps free.


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Nokia XpressMusic specification, features & photos. Nokia XpressMusic free downloads including Nokia XpressMusic ringtones, free XpressMusic games, apps, themes, videos, wallpapers and more. Reverse engineering of software in the device is prohibited to the extent permitted by applicable law. Insofar as this user guide contains any limitations on Nokia's. Nokia XpressMusic Review: Download free Nokia XpressMusic games.A complete suite of connectivity choices are as well built-in on the Download Nokia XpressMusic java games. The phone is quad band GSM (global system for mobile communications) well-suited, offer coverage around the sphere.