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Aug 24,  · These were some of the best tips and Tricks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera. However, they are not all. This time Samsung has introduced a new set of . Aug 20,  · Buy one Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, get a Galaxy Note 10 free (or up to $ off a second Galaxy device) or get $ off Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G, Galaxy Note10+ or Galaxy Note Author: Androidguys. Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are packed to the brim with features, but many of them are turned off by default. We've dug up some of the core, key settings on the Note 10 and Note 10 Author: Julian Chokkattu.

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Since the departure of the Best tak guna samsung galaxy note Galaxy Note 7 in and the lackluster performance of the Galaxy Note 5the Galaxy Note 4 has grown to be the preferred device for phablet fans. Does this mean that the Note 4 has become the undisputed King of all Samsung devices?

Maybe - you never can tell. This wasn't really the case with the Note 4. It had wireless and quick-charging functionality. It had a fingerprint scanner and a heart-rate monitor. It also had the S Pen, the stylus that elevates the Galaxy Note series above typical tablet fare.

Crucially, the Note 4 was the last major Samsung handset to offer expandable storage and a removable battery pack. It was almost sacrilege when Samsung dropped these from its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, which goes some way in explaining why the Galaxy Note 4 is still so well-regarded.

Another factor in its enduring popularity is the lack of real competition at the time. Even the iPhone 6 that was released at around the same time couldn't compare, lagging far behind what Android users had become accustomed to in the power stakes, best tak guna samsung galaxy note.

Samsung put everything it could into the Galaxy Note 4 and the result was a phone that captured the hearts of Android fans and non-Android fans alike. At the moment there is a great deal of discussion, and even more speculation, on what we can expect to see released by Samsung in That said, for the time being its looking as though Note 4 owners will still be able to continue to use their devices.

Batteries can still be best tak guna samsung galaxy note from Samsungand the Note 4 is continuing to receive software updates and security updates, best tak guna samsung galaxy note. But when can we best tak guna samsung galaxy note to see a successor to the Note 4? Should we even be expecting a successor? These questions are currently going unanswered by Samsung. The Galaxy Note 7spontaneous combustion issues aside, was a worthy contender in this respect, but did the issues which caused its downfall also spell the end for the entire Samsung Note series?

At the moment this is a fairly open question. Samsung may surprise us at forthcoming Mobile World Congress with a new phablet - most likely the Note 8 - as serial leaker Evan Blass has indicated there may be one on the way. Whether or not this is the case, only time will tell. Know what else is in the works? Should we be holding off on the final verdict until the mythical Samsung Galaxy S8 is released?

Before I purchased my note 4, I had the note 2 for 2 plus years and loved it. Many phones caught my attention within those years but I wouldn't let go of my note 2. The shit pen on my note 2 was great but lacked things u could really use.

With my note 4 I am thrilled to have a fully functional S pen, it's a great and amazing pen along with all the other great things that are here with the note 4. I don't believe that any other phone after the note 4 will really compare, I'm sticking with mine!! Samsung has always out beat a iPhone in my eyes because of the battery an storage, there are reason that these phones have different names and manufacturers.

Samsungs are compatible with so many other devices as well y would u limit yourself with If we wanted a iPhone we would have purchased one.

Most definitely, the Note 4 is still the best. My wife and I both have had a Note 4 since they came out over a year ago. We'll still be using ours long past when Note 5 and S6 users have their batteries crap out and decide that the internal memory isn't enough anymore.

I'll pop in a new battery and a larger microSD and be good to go. And we protect our expensive phones with nice cases - so who cares if the bare phone has a "premium look" to it or not? Samsung just wants us to buy new phones every year or two. I get that. But, I have news for Samsung - I'll be using my Note 4 for a long, long time, or until I feel it's finally time to upgrade to an even better phone with the same fundamental features of removable battery and microSD card.

I don't see that phone just yet though - no problem I can wait. If Samsung doesnt' change their ways I might be looking at LG. I have the phone. Best phone I've ever owned. It does everything the Note 5 claims to do and more. The Camera is not far off from the Note 5. Expendable storage. S Pen functionality. Super Good screen. Handles Multi Window pretty well. All in all with everything considered I'm not going to upgrade to the note 5. It's clearly an inferior device from what I'm using.

When I bought the Note 4 the Note 5 was also out. I looked closely into both models and ended up going with the Note 4. The Note 4 has the removable sd card slot for extra storage and removable battery which is also mah bigger than the non removable note 5 battery.

You would think Samsung would make the non removable battery bigger but who knows what their logic was. Also the IR blaster is fantastic. I have it set up for tvs in my room, rec room, office and even a few friends tvs. The note 5 does have some upgrades but realistically the slightly newer hardware has negligible performance increase while the features they removed make the Note 5 a deal breaker for me.

As a power user I hope they eventually bring back the removable battery to the Note line, best tak guna samsung galaxy note. Extra batteries are so cheap online and nothing beats going from percent with the switch of a battery. I mean, Scott, you're correct. It's like going to a strip bar, kinda While cycling thru the generations of any given phone, Like a striptease, removing and reputting, the audience dictates who and what are their favorite features, and one at a time and slowly, the one you've waited a year or more to see, the final unveiling, there it finally best tak guna samsung galaxy note and she has no boobs.

Uh, no thank you. I like boys, not girls. For over a year, I've had an upgrade to replace my pretty white Note I wasn't happy about the ugly dude-purple, but, whatever Yet, best tak guna samsung galaxy note, they keep over-making black or purple leopard. I have a theory but again -whatever. Note 7 -meh, never used it, best tak guna samsung galaxy note, then it was recalled Note 8: Comes in 2 colors which are ugly and uglier, best tak guna samsung galaxy note, too skinny, no removable battery, top sd-card drawer 'that needs a dumb key' mess, impossible rounded edges like the I'd-buy-a-galaxy-edge-if I-wanted-an-edge CAUSE an-edge-is-not-why-I-buy-your-Notes-Samsung.

At Best buy, I couldn't find it on display, at 1st, best tak guna samsung galaxy note. I missed it, cause it's a real 'stand-out'. Thank god they made a "new" phone that looked like every other phone on the market. And, minus any of us loyal Note lovers favorite features, I left the store a bit mad at Samsung.

I felt duped and wondered why they betrayed us. And, knowingly so -thats the worst kind. My final note ; is Just like a stripper with no boobs is just a girl, a Note with no removable sd card nor removable battery, is not a Note. It's just another massly-ordinary cell-phone. That got dumber. Anyone got a cell phone making machine I can borrow, thx Yes you are so right.

I m using note 4 and as you mentioned i can not find another good phone to replace my note 4. Even note8 is not perfect as my note4. Looking at s9 plus. Still am not upgrading.

I've change out my battery as much as my wife changed out her iphone about 4 times now. I have signed documents with my phone with out companies noticing its a digital signature.

My phone has been doing cartwheels to find a reason to replace it and it's still going. I hope note 9 Will give me the reason I need. I had the note 7 on pre-order and when that went to hell I ended up getting a s7. After 6 month Best tak guna samsung galaxy note actually gave that 2 my wife and went back to my note 4. Even things like the IR remote sender I use a lot! Unfortunately the phone has an issue that a new battery hasn't fixed but bidding on a replacement note 4 on ebay now : Definitely my favourite phone I ever owned.

Also owned a note 1 and 2 :. I've had my note 4 for a year now and I've got no intention of getting best tak guna samsung galaxy note phone, best tak guna samsung galaxy note. I've tried lg g3 and lg g4 and tried lg g5 which felt like it was going to fall to pieces.


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best tak guna samsung galaxy note


Purchase any Verizon Galaxy Note9, S9, or S8 on or Shop Samsung App using Verizon device payment purchase & activate your device on the Verizon network and save $ instantly, Promotional credit applied instantly; remaining balance of device to be paid after 24 months. 0% APR. Jan 04,  · In this post, we’ve demonstrated different operations every user can do with the Galaxy Note 5 (#Samsung #GalaxyNote5) camera app and make the best out of it. The new Samsung Galaxy Note . Jan 08,  · The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is regarded by many as not only the best phone Samsung ever produced, but one of the finest on Android. Here I explore why that is. Was the Galaxy Note Author: Scott Adam Gordon.